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Membership and Services
VILLAGE in the Village, Inc. (ViV) is open to all Corrales residents. There are two levels of membership: Supporting Members (click the button here) Supporting Member Signup
Full Members (click the button here) Full Member Signup

Supporting Members are the “backbone” of ViV and may participate in all ViV social events, including weekly coffees, bocce ball, nature walks, concerts, lunches, happy hours, and many other activities. Supporting Members “pay it forward” within our community with their membership fee. Additionally, by volunteering to provide services and support to Full Members, Supporting Members help ensure the sustainability of our organization. Of course, no member is required to volunteer.
Supporting Members may also request services from our volunteers. They may request up to six weeks of services for a short term need, or up to 8 services per year.

Supporting Memberships: $175/individual/year; $200/household/year.  

Full Members in addition to being able to participate in our ViV social events, are entitled to access regular volunteer services and support. The membership fee provides access to trained and screened volunteers through a coordinated system of linking members with volunteers. Our ability to provide volunteer services to Full Members is limited to residents of Corrales. To schedule services, please call the ViV phone number at 505-274-6206 or send an email to

Full Memberships: $375/individual/year; $450/household/year.  


Volunteer Services

  • Transportation for:
    • Health care appointments (medical, dental, optical, physical therapy, etc.)
    • Personal care appointments (hairdresser, barber, nail salon, etc.)
    • Shopping (grocery, clothing, etc.)
    • Errands to bank, post office, cleaners, etc. 
    • Social, educational, cultural, recreational events and activities
  • Social and Enrichment Activities
    • Information on scheduled activities of interest to Corrales seniors, including those planned and sponsored by ViV.
    • Library book delivery/ pick up service, medical equipment pickup/ delivery.
  • Help with Everyday Household Chores
    • Minor tasks such as changing a light bulb, taking out the trash, retrieving mail, hanging pictures, etc.
  • Companionship and Neighborly Visits
    • Accompanying seniors on walks, to library, etc.; regularly scheduled phone calls and/or in-home visits.
  • Assistance using Electronic Equipment
    • Help and training on personal computers, tablets, TV's, cell phones, etc.
  • Non-Medical Assistance for Caregivers—Respite
    • Sitting with homebound members to allow spouses/significant others a few hours of independence away from loved ones.
Criteria for Full Membership
  • Senior.
  • Responsible for, and capable of, making key decisions about one’s own life.
  • Living in a residence that presents no known threats to health or safety.
  • Self-sufficient in meeting personal care needs either through self-care or arrangements with a personal caregiver.
  • Will provide contact information of family member or other person that ViV is permitted to contact in case of emergency.




ViV is a fee-based membership organization, supplemented by grants and charitable donations from community-minded individuals and organizations.


Supporting Memberships: $175/individual/year; $200/household/year.  

Full Memberships: $375/individual/year; $450/household/year.  

ACCESS Fund:  For those who need it, and meet income and eligibility criteria, the ACCESS Fund is available to help defray membership fees.

To sign up online, click one of the buttons at the top of the page to choose your level of membership (Supporting or Full). Call our hotline at 505-274-6206 (8am-5pm, M-F) if you have any questions about the signup process.

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